Consultant and publisher specialised in inland waterways

Founded in 1993* by waterways specialist David Edwards-May, Euromapping has become, in 18 years, one of the leading European consultancies in its field.
The company has also established a worldwide reputation as publisher of high-quality planning maps and works of reference, which may be purchased on this site. The 3rd edition of the European Waterways Map and Directory was elaborated with cartographers Maud Gaudin (seen here on assignment at Braunston, UK), and Sylvain Blanchard (here on assignment in Tournus).
Aware of the rapidly evolving requirements of clients, from large public organisations to members of the general public interested in waterways and the potential they offer for many activities, Euromapping continues to develop the sister site as a compact, bilingual information portal.
Studies and expert appraisals led by David Edwards-May, expert in this field for 27 years, contribute to enhancement of the various functions of inland waterways: transport, tourism, recreation and urban regeneration.
Restoration of the river Lot navigation, listing of the Canal du Midi as a UNESCO World Heritage site, restoration of the Canal de Roubaix ( and organisation of the World Canals Conference in Serbia in 2009 owe a lot to the work conducted over the years by this ‘pole of excellence’.
The company makes this experience and know-how available to clients and consulting groups for development projects on or around inland waterways and their heritage sites.
The company’s international reputation is attested by the role of technical coordinator awarded to its expert for various EU programmes (such as ‘Voies d’eau vivantes’ (VEV), which brought together 11 partners from five countries (‘Terra’ programme conducted between 1998 and 2002), and Blue Links.
David Edwards-May chaired one of the working groups of PIANC, on standards for recreational waterways, and is vice-president of Inland Waterways International.* Co-founder Françoise Legrand was CEO from 1993 to 1999.
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