Canals and Navigable Rivers of Southern France


Abundantly illustrated tour guide in full colour, covering the Southern French canals and rivers. Geology, regional history, details of engineering and development of inland navigation across Southern France. Tom Grasso and David Edwards-May. High-quality production.

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Grasso guide, co-author David Edwards-May

The World Canals Conference in Toulouse, September 16-19, provided the opportunity to return to the Canal du Midi, Canal de Garonne and the canalized rivers of South-West France, first visited in 2002. The tour is designed to allow the most remarkable waterway structures to be visited during a relatively short stay in France.

This illustrated tour guide, researched in a wide range of disciplines, from geology to mechanical engineering, from the history of urban settlement to the issues facing Europe’s waterways in the 21st century, will be an invaluable companion for anybody wishing to make this land tour, including boat excursions at many sites.

(Paper copy available on demand, cost €50 for one-off digital printing)

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