Des Canaux de Navigation



An authentic encyclopedia of world canals, focusing particularly on the famous Canal du Midi, compiled shortly before the French Revolution, with a Preface by Michel Cotte, expert in the history of engineering and technology transfer, and a note by the publisher David Edwards-May. The book is available for immediate download as a 619-page pdf. The resetting of the work makes it easy to read for researchers and students who are not native French speakers.


Des-Canaux-de-Navigation_ExtraitThis encyclopedia of world canals, published shortly before the French Revolution in 1778, has been completely reset by Euromapping. The 1996 edition (with APAMP) soon went out of print. Until we can fund printing of the planned 3rd new edition, we invite all specialists and canal enthusiasts to acquire a  pdf of the complete work, which will be freely consultable and searchable with Acrobat Reader It will be a mine of information for all involved in inland waterway preservation and development, on all continents, and some researchers will find nuggets!
Use of the contents is subject to a license granted exclusively to the purchaser.

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