Map of European Waterways, Poster


The 6th edition of the unique comprehensive overview of European inland waterways, at two scales (printed both sides). The map is supported by leading waterway authorities and businesses. Designed by David Edwards-May since the first edition in 1993. Supplied rolled up in a tube..


European Waterways Map extractThis map is the same is in the product folded up and inserted in the booklet (6th edition, 2020).

Dimensions 1210 x 870 mm

First side, Europe from Ireland and Portugal to the Caspian Sea
Scale 1:3 750 000
Enlargement on reverse, with unprecedented detail, covering Dublin to Bratislava on the Danube.
Scale 1:1 500 000
A separate inset shows all the waterways of the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern France, with sufficient detail for route planning.
Scale 1:1 000 000
The map is printed on high-quality, tear-resistant paper.

Poster also available in folded map with 64-page directory by David Edwards-May; brief description of waterways in each country, followed by useful addresses of waterway authorities, boating associations, etc. (see separate product)

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Weight 1 kg

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